MobyFly | Zero-Emission Hydrofoil Boats
MobyFly zero-emission hydrofoil boats will be capable of transporting passengers in comfort at speeds in excess of 70km/h while using 70% less energy than existing diesel ferries without creating any waves or pollution in the process.
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MobyFly designs and delivers zero-emission performance marine hydrofoil boats that will change waterborne travel forever.

The European Union has aggressive targets to cut all transport emissions by 55% by 2030 and be climate neutral by 2050. These laudable goals present significant challenges to cities and municipalities today as they plan to replace their current mass transit systems with new, cleaner technology.

MobyFly 10m boat

Enter MobyFly.

We are a technology company. Our zero-emission hydrofoil boats can transport passengers comfortably at speeds over 70km/h while using 70% less energy than existing diesel ferries — without creating any waves or pollution.

MobyFly’s hydrofoil boats will provide a viable, practical, and flexible zero-emission mass transportation solution for cities worldwide by harnessing the existing natural infrastructure of rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways.

MobyFly’s zero-emission hydrofoil boats are currently the most efficient form of transportation in terms of energy consumption per passenger

Energy consumption (Wh) per means of transport
* Consumption calculated over a distance of 3.4km
MobyFly Efficiency

Waterways are an abundant, natural infrastructure that don’t need to be built or paid for; they just need to be protected and maintained.

MobyFly's big win at Japan's Hack Osaka 2022 Startup Technology contest.

Hack Osaka brings together innovative companies from all over the world to present and compete in Japan's Kansai region. MobyFly won the Expo 2025/Jetro Osaka Award at the event — the only Swiss company represented.

MobyFly won the Commercial Vessels Award at the fifth edition of the Foiling Week™ Awards in 2022.

Foiling technology is essential and pivotal for advancing waterborne transportation in terms of speed and zero-emission efficiency and for significantly reducing wave impact to protect the environment.

MobyFly won the Innovation Award at the 33rd CCIFS France Switzerland Trade Awards edition.

The CCIFS France Switzerland Trade Awards is a significant economic event for all operators involved in bilateral relations — the awards reward companies whose performance illustrates the dynamism and excellence of Franco-Swiss trade.