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Welcome to Mobyfly's website. MobyFly was founded by Sue Putallaz and Anders Bringdal who together have considerable experience with urban and transportation planning, and the design of zero emission boats and software systems. At the heart of our technological vision is Anders Bringdal
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Zero-emission, zero compromise.

The future of marine mass transit.


What are MobyFly's ESG standards?

At MobyFly, we believe that our business activities can positively impact society and the environment. We are committed to excellence in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, encompassing all aspects of our operations and business strategy.


As a company aiming to accelerate the transition to zero-emission boats, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our hydrofoil boats are designed to have a tiny environmental footprint per passenger — even smaller than an electric bicycle — and are powered entirely by renewable energy sources, minimizing our environmental impact on the planet.


Regarding social impact, we recognize the importance of creating sustainable transportation systems that benefit all of our customers and their communities. Our boats are designed to be comfortable and safe, allowing passengers to travel in style while reducing their carbon footprint.


In terms of governance, we are committed to transparent and responsible business practices. We regularly update our hardware and software to ensure our technology remains industry-leading. We work with specialized technology partners to ensure that our boats are cost-effective and a solid investment for the future.


At MobyFly, integrating ESG criteria into our business strategy is the right thing to do and the key to our success. We are committed to creating a better future for our clients, society, and the planet, and we are proud to be at the forefront of the zero-emission boat movement.

What makes MobyFly hydrofoil boats different?

MobyFly hydrofoil boats are fast and quiet, transporting 12 to 350 passengers comfortably above the waves at speeds over 70 km/h. Our boats are also extremely efficient, requiring up to 95% less energy than current diesel ferries.

How do MobyFly boats ride above the water?

Our boats are equipped with foil technology and computer-controlled flight systems that work together to operate like an airplane wing. With enough speed, the foils create lift, raising the boat above the water’s surface.

What is the maximum passenger capacity?

MobyFly is currently working on three boat sizes:

  • a 30-meter boat with a maximum capacity of 350 passengers
  • a 20-meter boat with a maximum capacity of 60-120 passengers
  • a 10-meter boat with a maximum capacity of 12-20 passengers
How can I get more information about MobyFly?

If you would like more information about our work, please get in touch with us at to access our information deck.

Meet Our Founders

Sue Putallaz

Sue Putallaz

Co-founder & CEO, MobyFly

Sue Putallaz, MobyFly’s co-founder and CEO, has 24 years of experience in business management and public affairs. Sue’s expertise ranges from strategy consulting with Pricewaterhousecoopers to leading her digital tech startup (B2B e-Procurement platform) and becoming deputy secretary of the Geneva Minister of Urban Planning & Transport.

Anders Bringdal

Anders Bringdal

Co-founder & Chief Designer, MobyFly

Anders Bringdal is at the heart of MobyFly’s technological vision. A five-time windsurf world champion and co-founder of SeaBubbles, he has already demonstrated the potential for zero-emission hydrofoil passenger boats. Anders is leading the development of new foil technology and propulsion systems — powered by either hydrogen or lithium-ion batteries — to deliver on the promise of fast, clean, and sustainable mass transportation.

Ricardo Bencatel

Ricardo Bencatel

Co-founder & CTO, MobyFly

Ricardo Bencatel has a PhD in electrical and computer engineering. He has worked on automatic foil control systems for competition sailboats for two America’s Cup teams (Luna Rossa and Oracle Team USA) and foil control systems for SeaBubbles and others. Ricardo’s areas of expertise are flight control systems and vehicle systems engineering.

MobyFly’s Partners

We proudly work with our partners to provide our customers with fast, future-proof, zero-emission, waterborne mass transportation.

MobyFly has signed agreements to develop routes in these cities with partners.

We are in the process of conducting feasibility studies for routes in these cities.

Lugano, Switzerland

Paris, France

San Francisco, USA

New York, USA