MobyFly | Our Hydrofoil Boats
Welcome to Mobyfly's website. MobyFly was founded by Sue Putallaz and Anders Bringdal who together have considerable experience with urban and transportation planning, and the design of zero emission boats and software systems. At the heart of our technological vision is Anders Bringdal
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Our Boats

MobyFly hydrofoil boats are fast, transporting 12 to 300 passengers comfortably above the waves at speeds in excess of 70 km/h. Our boats are also extremely efficient, requiring up to 70% less energy than current diesel ferries.

Our Boats Come in Small, Medium & Large

MobyFly is currently working on three sizes of boats: 30 meters, 20 meters, and 10 meters.

MobyFly Boats
Mobyfly 30m boat


Our largest and most ambitious boat is designed to carry up to 300 passengers and travel at a top speed of over 70 km/h


Our 20-meter boat is designed to carry up to 59 passengers and travel at a top speed of over 70 km/h

Mobyfly 18m boat
Mobyfly 10m boat


This boat is undergoing testing on the waters of Lake Geneva. It has a capacity of 12 passengers and a top speed of over 70 km/h