MobyFly | Our Design
Welcome to Mobyfly's website. MobyFly was founded by Sue Putallaz and Anders Bringdal who together have considerable experience with urban and transportation planning, and the design of zero emission boats and software systems. At the heart of our technological vision is Anders Bringdal
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What makes our boats so fast, quiet and efficient?

Foil Technology

Our foils work in much the same way as an airplane wing: With enough speed the foils create lift, raising the boat above the surface of the water, significantly reducing drag and allowing the boat to travel at high speed without creating waves — and using far less energy than a conventional ferry.

MobyFly Foils
MobyFly Software

Software Design

MobyFly’s foils utilize computer-controlled flight systems that are at the leading edge of this technology aand race tested in extreme real-world conditions.

Zero-Emission Powertrain

MobyFly’s first two boats (10m and 18m) will be powered by rechargeable electric batteries with proven reliability.

Our design team is already working on feasibility studies into the use of fuel cells and hydrogen to increase the range of our boats.

MobyFly Powertrain
MobyFly 30m boat


Our boats are designed for optimum efficiency through the use of light composites which reduce weight and shaped to limit drag.

MobyFly 30m boat
MobyFly 30m boat