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Welcome to Mobyfly's website. MobyFly was founded by Sue Putallaz and Anders Bringdal who together have considerable experience with urban and transportation planning, and the design of zero emission boats and software systems. At the heart of our technological vision is Anders Bringdal
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MobyFly World Economic Forum WEF Technology Pioneers 2023

MobyFly selected as a 2023 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum

We're thrilled to be recognized among the world's most creative and impactful firms. As a #TechnologyPioneer, we'll actively engage with the World Economic Forum, contributing to global discussions on technology and innovation.

Collaborating with other visionary leaders for positive change is an incredible opportunity. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the World Economic Forum for this prestigious honor.

We look forward to working together to transform the mass transportation sector and create an environmentally friendly future.

Viva Tech MobyFly 2023

Winner at VivaTech 2023

MobyFly won the Klein Wenner Challenge 2023 at VivaTech 2023, making us Switzerland's most innovative new technology start-up with plans to expand in France.

MBFY10 MobyFly boat flight test Geneva

MobyFly Successfully Tests Zero-Emission Hydrofoil Boat on Lake Geneva

MobyFly's zero-emission hydrofoil boat has completed its first ``flight`` on Lake Geneva

During this test, the MBFY10 proved to be even more efficient than expected, consuming nearly 20% less energy than initially projected. With a proprietary, patented retractable foil system, the MBFY10 will be capable of reaching speeds of over 74 kph and operate in waters as shallow as 50 cm for maneuvering and docking.

MobyFly is among the TOP100 Swiss Startups

The 12th edition of the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award celebrated the best startups in Switzerland, where MobyFly ranked 76 of the best Swiss startups. MobyFly also had the honor of being selected as one of the TOP 10 newcomers of 2022.


MobyFly wins the Innovation Award at the 33rd edition of the CCIFS France Switzerland Trade Awards

MobyFly received the Innovation Award among more than 350 participants gathered to attend the 33rd CCIFS France-Switzerland Trade Awards ceremony. The CCIFS France Switzerland Trade Awards is a significant economic event for all operators involved in bilateral relations — the awards reward companies whose performance illustrates the dynamism and excellence of Franco-Swiss trade.

MobyFly EODev Hydrogen

Hydrogen-powered MobyFly hydrofoil boats are one step closer

MobyFly and EODev combine their technological know-how to bring hydrogen power to zero-emission passenger hydrofoil boats.

In the presence of the Swiss ambassador in France, MobyFly and EODev — a young, innovative French SME founded in 2019 — signed a collaboration agreement on May 10, 2022, in Paris to develop the first hydrogen-powered MobyFly passenger hydrofoils.

This agreement marks the start of a long-term commitment by MobyFly and EODev to collaborate closely. The REXH2® onboard hydrogen generator developed by EODev will enable us to offer private and public operators a hydrogen-powered version of our long-range, high-speed hydrofoils.

By utilizing EODev's technical know-how, we will be on track to deliver our first hydrofoils by 2024 in time to meet the needs of the organizers of major events and public authorities in need of zero-emission passenger shuttles.

Commercial Vessels Award

MobyFly wins the Commercial Vessels Award at the fifth edition of the Foiling Week™ Awards in 2022

Foiling technology is pivotal for advancing waterborne transportation in terms of speed and zero-emission efficiency and significantly reducing wave impact to protect the environment.

We were thrilled to be part of the fifth edition of the Foiling Week™ Awards and extremely grateful for MobyFly's recognition and for receiving the Commercial Vessels Award.

MobyFly Consulate of Switzerland Osaka Ignazio Cassis

Groundbreaking of the new Consulate of Switzerland in Osaka

After winning in HackOsaka 2022 and receiving the Expo 2025 JETRO Osaka award, MobyFly had the honor and pleasure to participate in the inauguration of the new Swiss Consulate in Osaka, paving the way for Expo 2025 Osaka.

The Swiss delegation led by the President of Switzerland, Ignazio Cassis, as well as the Vice-Governor and Mayor of Osaka, Ambassador Nicolas Bideau, and the Swiss Consul, Dr. Felix Moesner, took part in the ceremony for the planned construction of a new Swiss Consulate in the Kansai economic region.

MobyFly Hack Osaka

MobyFly's big win at this year's Hack Osaka 2022 Startup Technology contest in Japan

Receiving the prestigious Expo 2025/Jetro Osaka Award opens the doors to the World Expo in Osaka 2025.

Hack Osaka brings together innovative companies from all over the world to present and compete in Japan's Kansai region. We're proud to announce winning the Expo 2025/Jetro Osaka Award at this year's event — the only Swiss company represented.

Dr. Felix Moesner, the Swiss Consular in Osaka, received the award on behalf of MobyFly's Co-Founders, Sue Putallaz and Anders Bringdal.

This award will help to open doors for us to build and develop relationships with leading Japanese companies and bring Swiss innovation to the World Expo 2025.

The Kansai region, which includes the cities of Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto, is a massive market with a population of 24.65 million and a GDP of approximately ¥100,050 billion. It is equivalent to the Tokyo-centered metropolitan area as a business location and plays a central role in the economy of western Japan.

MobyFly NossoTejo

MobyFly signs a contract with NossoTejo in Lisbon

In the summer of 2021, MobyFly announced the signing of a contract for constructing nine zero-emission vessels with the Portuguese operator Nosso Tejo. Spread over four years, this agreement covers the pre-ordering of four 60-seat boats and five 300-seat boats.

This contract between MobyFly and the Lisbon-based operator was signed in the presence of the Swiss Ambassador in Portugal, André Regli (standing, center), and is the beginning of an operation worth tens of millions of francs.